Gregory Ernest Tikihaha Whiteclffe

Born 4 August 1954 - Died 15 February 2001

Kerehi Tikihana Pararaki Wikiriwhi

Nationality:  New Zealander, Part Maori (Polynesian), Ngati Pikiao (Te Awara) of the Bay of Plenty area (Maketu) Father: James Whitecliffe (died in 1973 at the age of 49) Mother: Shirley Abel (living in Pine Arizona aged 80) 

About Greg

 Greg Whitecliffe was an artist, educator and Co-founder of Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design in Auckland, New Zealand; an accredited degree-granting international private College. He pursued an active professional career which has varied from professional development in higher education management at Harvard University to stone lithographic workshops in Switzerland. Greg was a representative in International Orienteering representing New Zealand 69 times and competing in two world championships. Greg qualified with a Bachelor in Arts, two Masters Degrees a post doctoral course at Harvard and was working on his PhD up until he died in 2001. In the last few years of his life he had begun to have commentaries on New Zealand Contemporary Art and Art History published internationally. He was a member of ICFAD ( International Council of Fine Arts Deans) and was working towards establishing a purpose built campus for his Art & Design College. Greg and his wife Michele had established the first private degree granting art school in the country of which two post graduate degrees are unique to the country. Greg left behind his wife (Michele) and 3 children the eldest Amber Evelyn Whitecliffe (born 1987), Hayden Edward Tikihana Whitecliffe (born 1989) and Laken George Tewhiwhi Whitecliffe (born 1991). 

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Professional Experience

Artistic Career


Gregory Ernest Tikihaha Whiteclffe


 Greg was born in Wellington and christened at the Church of England in Maramar. He left Wellington at the age of ( 5 ) and moved to Tepuke where he lived for ( 3 years), before moving with his mother and grandmother to Birkenhead in Auckland, where he attended Birkenhead Primary School until aged 10. In 1966 at the age of 10 Greg and brother Philip moved with their mother Shirley to Norfolk Island where she was employed as the Islands sewer. Greg had his two intermediate years care free in Norfolk before applying for secondary school at Rathkeale College in Masterton. He flew by himself from Norfolk Island to Auckland, caught a train to Wellington where he was picked up by his Uncle (Ron Davis) and taken to the bus to go out to Masterton. Over the following 5 years when he was not at school, he would go and stay with his aunty or uncle or occasionally the headmistress would send him off to a religious holiday camp or in later years he had the odd trip to Auckland to stay with his dad over the holidays. During that period he only had one trip over to America to see his mother and younger brother who had moved to San Diego. Greg graduated from Rathkeale with full colours and was accepted into medicine at Auckland University, but after his first visit to the hospital and seeing bodies being opened - he fainted and decided medicine was not for him and transferred to architectural school. By the end of the first year he transferred yet again across to Elam and finished in 1976 shy of one paper for a double major of a Bachelor of Arts and a BFA. During his studies in Auckland University he became a house tutor at Dilworth College and in his spare time helped coach the boys how to Orienteer.


  • 1968 - 72  Rathkeale College, NZ  Secondary College 
  • 1973 - 76 Auckland University, NZ B.F.A. Painting (Tutors: Robert Ellis, Don Binney, Garth Tapper)
  • 1987 Massey University, NZ  C.O.P.  Education of Gifted and Talented 
  • 1992 - 94 Auckland University, NZ   M.Phil. Management Studies and Art Administration 
  • 1994 - 96 Auckland University, NZ  M.A. Art History to complete in 1996 
  • 1995 Harvard University, Certificate IEM - Post Doctoral Study - Institute of Education Cambridge USA  Education Management, Graduate School of Education 
  • 1995 Waikato University, NZ (D.Phil) Enrolling for Doctorate Program in Arts Administration


 Greg married Michele on July 23rd 1982. Together Michele joined forces with Greg to start an art school and 5 years on Michele gave birth to the first of 3 children:

Amber Evelyn Whitecliffe was born 20th September 1987. She Graduated from Whitecliffe with a Bachelors of Fine arts, majoring in Fashion in 2009.  In 2013 she established her own fashion label and boutique in Parnell Auckland, see 

​Hayden Edward Tikihana Whitecliffe was born on the 9th March 1989. He graduated with a Bachelors in Business & Infomration Management from the University of Auckland and a Masters in Communications (Advertising) from the RMIT in Australia in 2011. He has worked in Consulting, Technology and Personal Media in Australia, China and Japan. See

Laken George Tewhiwhi Whitecliffe was born on the 15th June 1991. He graduated from a Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Painting and Sculpture from Montclair State University in New Jersey. He is now living in New York working as an Artist and running an Art Collective Magazine/Website for New Zealander's in New York. See


 Greg was a New Zealand representative in Orienteering: participated in World Orienteering championships in Scotland 1976 - Finland 1979 and Pacific Championships Australia 1980. National representative in twelve countries for major competitions 1976-1981 


1973/4 Auckland Provincial Athletic Representative 

1973     New Zealand Commonwealth Games Trialist 

1976     New Zealand Orienteering Representative to the World Championship, Scotland United Kingdom, 42                     World Ranking

1978    New Zealand representative in orienteering in Test series in orienteering against Australia and                 European countries. Reserve for the World Championships in Kronsberg, Norway 

1979    New Zealand Representative in Orienteering in the World Championship in Tampere, Finland

1980    New Zealand Representative in Elite class orienteering events, Switzerland, Sweeden, Norway,                                 Hungary, France, Holland, Denmark, West Germany, Austria, Italy, Czechoslovakia 

1981    New Zealand Reserve Representative in World Championship in Switzerland, New Zealand                                           representative in Elite class in Switzerland, France, United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Norway,                                 Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union, Austria. 

1982    New Zealand Representative in Test series in orienteering against Australia  

1983    Retired from professional sports


 69 International Representative appearances

2 World Championships

2 Reserve appearances at World Championships

16th Highest World Ranking in elite Class 1980 (highest for a New Zealander 1974-1992)

1st New Zealand to compete internationally in Eastern Block Countries


 22 Marathons, 7 international; best time 2hrs 30 mins 34 seconds (San Diego, 1978)  


 1975  Australia and Central Pacific regions

1976  United Kingdom Central & Southern Europe, North America and South East Asia

1977  North America

1978  Central Pacific and North America

1979  Scandanavia, United Kingdom, Central Europe, North America

1980  Australia, Central Europe, Scandanavia, United Kingdom, North America

1981  United Kingdom, Central Europe, Easter Europe, Scandanvia, North America

professional expereince

 1980  Jury participant, Nola Holmwood National Portrait Award, Auckland

1985   Sole judge, Fisher Art Awards, Pakuranga Society of Arts, fisher Gallery Auckland

1986   National Art Judge, retort National Awards, Hamilton.  sole judge of Painting, Printmaking and 

          Media section

1987   National co-judge for Citrus National awards, Tauranga

1988   National Art Judge, Medical practitioners Art Awards, Auckland

1989   National Art Judge, Thames Art Awards, Thames

1996   Telecom Art Awards, Auckland

1999   "A Career in Design" article in PRODESIGN Magazine, April/May.  AGM Publishing, Auckland

1999   Monitor of Judging 1999 Best Awards - Design awards for the Designers Institute of New Zealand.


1981        Participant in "Master of Arts" television series - South Pacific television

1985-86  Contributing writer, specialist consultant for Art News

1986         Participant and consultant in "Weekend" television programme

1994         Participant and consultant in segment of "Made in New Zealand" by TVNZ made in the       

1980-96  Regular talk-back guest on Radio New Zealand, National programme and Polytechnic Radio

1983-96  Intermittent guest speaker, panelist and commentator at functions for Art & Design organisations,      

              societies and Arts Administrator forums.

1999      Expert commentator on "Art and the Law" on HOLMES programme, TVNZ, May 1999.

1999      Commentator on Community Arts on Breakfast TV One, October 1999

2000      Commentator on Art Education on Prime TV, Arts Walk Programme, May 2000


1985-87   Contributiing writer, Designer and Researcher for publication in Arts - Arts News

1981-90   Illustrator of books:

               Series of three books in children's science fiction "Mr chip & The Aliens". 1981,1983,1986

               through Hodder & Stoughton - Author Marie Studdard

              "Growing with the Land" (1984), Author Lesley Max

              "Auckland Police Centenary Book (1990)" Author Ken Brewer

1978-88  Graphic Design commissions for various companies, including log design, letterhead design,

               Architectural renderings, book jacket illustrations, fashion renderings (including Fashion

               Illustration for Zebra and Shirely Vickers Fashions USA

1990 & 1992, 1995 New Zealand Art Educators Conference, University of Canterbury and Auckland College of 

               Education, Wellington Polytechnic

1990        45th Commemoration of United Nations/UNESCO, 1990 Arts Assembly, Waitakere City

1992        International Council of Fine Arts, Deans Annual Conference, San Francisco, USA

1993        5th Triennial International Conference for Higher Eduction in the Arts, Madrid, Spain

1994        Australian Institute of Tertiary Education Administrators Conference, Adelaide

1994        International Council of Fine Arts Deans Conference, Minneapolis, USA

1994-95   Compiling a book on the James Wallace Arts Trust as a case study of Arts and Business in

               New Zealand.  (As an adaption of a Masters thesis on the same topic).

1995        International Council of fine Arts Deans Conference, Montreal, Canada

1995        IEM Post-Doctoral Program for Presidents, Provosts, Vice Presidents in the Graduate School of

               Education, HARVARD UNIVERSITY, Cambridge USA

1996        MA Thesis monograph on New Zealand Printmaker Betty Curnow

1996       Compiling a book on the life and Art of New Zealand Painter Teresa Straka

1996       6th Triennial International Conference for Higher Education in the Arts and ELIA  Conference

              on Multicultural Arts Education - Lisbon, Portugal

1997       International Council of fine Arts, San Antonia, USA

1997       INSEA Conference, Glasgow, United Kingdom

1997       ICOGRADA Conference in Punte del Este, Uruguay

1997/8    Cover of New Zealand Tertiary Studies Guide 1997 "Whaiaro Whakaahua A Moko" - Original


1998/9   Compiling a book on the life and Art of Australian artist Roy Dalgarno

1998       ELIA Conference, helsinki, Finland

1999       International Council of Fine Arts Deans Conference, St Louis, USA

1999       International Council of Fine Arts Deans "Global Arts Beyond 2000" Conference Auckland, NZ

2000       International Conference of Fine Arts, Miami USA


Advertising Institute of New Zealand - Associate Fellow (since 1992)

American Center for Design - Professional Member (since 1991)

American Society of Landscape Architects - Affiliate (since 1992)

American Council for the Arts (ASA) Member (since 1996)

New Zealand Association of Art Educators (Member since 1992)

Australasian Institute of Tertiary Education Administrators (Member since 1991)

Art Administrators of Auckland Inc - Member (since 1988)

Artists Alliance (Auckland) Subscription Member (since 1994)

Association of Arts Administration Educators (USA) Member (since 1995)

Association of Private Providers of Training and Education - Chairman (since 1989)

Auckland Chamber of Commerce - Member (since 1986)

Auckland Society of Arts - member (1973-1977) Working Member (1977-1982) Councillor (1978-1981)

Vice President (1981)

Council of Heads of Art, Design and Craft Schools in New Zealand - Member (since 1990)

Education Export Committee Inc. - Treasurer since 1995

Illuminating Engineering Society of New Zealand - member (since 1992)

International Council of Fine Arts Deans - Board Member (since 1992)

New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts - Member (since 1992)

New Zealand Association for Training and Development - Member (since 1992)

New Zealand guild of Artist's Trust/UNESCO - New Zealand National Committee Member (since 1992)

New Zealand Ergonomics Society - Member (since 1991)

New Zealand Institute of Management - Associate Fellow (since 1992)

New Zealand Shopfitters Association - Member (since 1989)

New York Academy of Arts & Sciences, Professional member (since 1998)

Natural Woodturners Assoc (Inc) NZ - Member (since 1993)

Pro Passport - Professional Photography Network Assoc - Member (since 1993)

The American Society for Aesthetics - Member (since 1995)

The Pacific Arts Association (USA) - Member (since 1996)

The Society for Photographic Education in NZ (Inc) - Member (since 1993)

The ASG Scholarship Group, Australia - Careers Advisory council Member (since 1993)

Market Research Society of NZ - Member (since 1993)

Society of Cultural Economics USA - Member (since 1997)


1984    "What is a Popularist" Art News Volume 1, No.2, June 1984 Pg 24

1984   "Aesthetics", Art News Volume 1, No. 4 October/November 1984, Pg 21

1984   "Figurative Art" Art News, Volume 1, No. 5, December 1984/1985, Pg 19

1985   "Art Training in New Zealand offers array of Full-time Courses" Art News, Volume 1, No.6

          "Colour", Editorial Terms, Pg 21

1985   "Photography and Art - an Historical Account" Art News, Volume 2, No.1 April/May 1985 (under

           a pen name)

1985   Editorial Terms "Watercolours" Art News, Volume 2, No.2 June/July 1985 (under a pen name)

1985   Editorial Terms "Pastels" Art News, Volume 2, No 4 October/November 1985 (under a pen name)

1986   "Careers in Art" Art News, Volume 2, No.5 December 1985/January 1986 Editorial Terms

          "Still Life" Same Edition

1989   Senior conference paper presentation to the Government appointed working party for IWI, Private 

           and Special Institutions - Tertiary Education Review, Auckland

1989   Seminar Conference paper presentation to the Government appointed establishment committee for 

          the Education and Training Support Agency, Auckland.

1990   Seminar Conference paper presentation to the Establishment Unit Committee of the New Zealand

          Qualifications Authority (then called NEQA) Auckland

1990   New Zealand Art Educators conference, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, Academic Paper

          "The Studio Versus Class System in Art Education"

1990   New Zealand Art Educators Conference, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, Academic Paper

          "Private Art and Design Education.  How important is it in New Zealand"?

1990   Submission to the Parliamentary Select Committee of Education and Science on the EDUCATION

          AMENDMENT BILL (1990), witnessed at a select committee hearing in Auckland

1990   45th Commemoration of the United Nations, 1990 Arts Assembly, Waitakere City, International

          Association of Art?UNESCO. Academic Paper, "The Future of Young Artists and Designers"

1991   Paper submission in person to the Minister of Education on the Development of the Private Tertiary 

          Education Regional Structures, Parliament, Wellington

1991   Submission to the Parliamentary Select Committee for Foreign Affairs, on the enquiry into Foreign

          students in New Zealand; addressed at a Select Committee hearing in Parliament.

1991   Paper submission in person to the Associate Minister of Education on the Development of the Private

          tertiary Education Regional Structures, Parliament, Wellington

1992   Paper submission to the Minister of Education on the developments of Private Training Establishments

          in New Zealand

1992   Paper presentation to the Education Seminar of the Design Institute of New Zealand.  "The Role of 

          Professional Design Education in New Zealand" (in conjunction with Auckland University, Wellington

          Polytechnic, Unitec and Auckland Institute of Technology)

1992   Paper submission to the Minister of Education and Minister of Immigration.  "Exploratory Data

          Analysis of Private Tertiary education in New Zealand," - Mayu 1992

1993   Paper submission to the Minister of Education "EFTS Funding and relationships between NZQA and 

          PTE's - May 1993

1993   Seminar presentation on Co-Operative Initiatives in New Zealand Tertiary Art Education to the 

          council of Heads of Schools of Art, Design and Crafts, Hamilton

1993   Submission to the Ministerial Consultative Group on tertiary Funding on behalf of the Association of 

          Private Providers of Training and Education.

1994   Paper to be delivered at the NZ Art Educators Conference; Wellington Polytechnic August/September

          "Socio-Cultural case study in tertiary Education".

1994   Academic Paper delivered at the Australasian Institute of Tertiary Education Administrators Conference,

          Adelaide, Australia September/October "Quality Assurance in a Creative Environment".

1994   Short Paper "Developments in the Private Tertiary Sector", at the Education and Administration

          Leadership Seminar, August 10-12 1994, AIT, Centra Hotel, Auckland.

1994   University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, USA.  Paper presentation "Making Faces" - European

          representations of the Tattoo, cicatrix, Moko and Mokomai from New Zealand.  Delivered to the 

          Art History Department and within a public forum.

1994   Presentation to the Executive Board of the International Council of Fine Arts Deans on behalf of the

          Auckland City and the New Zealand Tourist Board and Conventions New Zealand to bid for the 7th

          Triennial International Conference in 1999, Minneapolis, USA

1994   Winchester School of Art, University of Southhampton, UK Paper presentation "Making Faces",

          European Representations of the Tattoo to the Fine Arts Department.

1994   Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Dallas, Texas, USA Paper Presentation "Making Faces"

          European Representations of the Tattoo.

1995   Northern Illinois university, Dekalb, Illinois.  Academic paper to Department of Art History

          "Developments in Contemporary New Zealand Art".

1995   Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, Illinois.  paper "Seeking points of Contact between the Indigenous

          and European Traditions" Lecture on multi-cultural Art Education in New Zealand.

1995   Short Paper "the Emerging Role of Private Tertiary Providers in New Zealand: Opportunities for Cross

          Sectoral Co-Operation/Collaboration."  Australasian Institute of Tertiary Administrators, New Zealand

          Branch and Regional Event - 21st June, 1995 Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design.

1995   "New Directions - the Development of a distinctive New Zealand Contemporary Art" Published Article

          ASIAN ART NEWS, Hong Kong Vol.5, Number 4 July/August 1995

1995   "A career in Design" Published Article PRO DESIGN, August/September 1995, Auckland

1995   Presentation future bid of Auckland City to host the 7th triennial International Conference for Higher

          Education in the Arts, 1999 - Montreal, Canada

1996   Submission Paper to the Ministers of finance & Education and the Ministry of education (including

          Treasury: "Art & Design education.  "the Number One Priority for Governmental Investment."

1996   "New tertiary Links Emerging" Published Article "LEARN", January 1996 issue 7, NZQA publication. 

1996   Academic Paper "New Zealand Settlement by Indigenous People: Traditions of Moko & Mokomai;

          Survey of Maori Culture", Montclair State University, New Jersey, USA

1996   Academic Paper "Maori Culture; rituals and Artforms, Visual Music, Dance, theatre". Montclair State

          University, New Jersey USA

1996   'He Mihi Powhiri' Settlement of New Zealand, Maori Culture and Art Form presentation on 'Hetatanga 

          Maori Ahukahuka na tetahi Maori' - Montclair State University, New Jersey, USA

1996   "The Settlement of New Zealand and Aspects of Maori culture" - Hutton House Lecture, Long Island

          University, N.Y. USA

1996   "Maori Kingship - systems of New Zealand (whanaungatanga)", Department of Anthropology,

          Syracuse University, N.Y., USA April 4, 1996

1996   "Careers in Design" - Published Article in CHACDS Magazine, March 1996

1996   "International and National exchanges in the Arts" - Presentation Paper to the Faculty of Art,

          University of south Australia, Adelaide

1996   Art & Design Education "The No. One Priority for Governmental Investment" - AITEA Conference

          Manukau Polytechnic, July 1996

1996   Art & Design Education "The No One Priority for Governmental Investment - Business in Education

          Conference, AIT, Auckland, July 1996

1996   Art & Design Education "The No One Priority for Governmental Investment - Business in Education 

          Conference, Eduvision 1996 - Art Educators Conference, Dunedin Polytechnic, September 1996

1996   "Careers: - Creative Enterprise"   Published article PRODESIGN August/September 1996, Auckland

1996   "Multicultural Arts Education - The Pacific Experience".  Paper presented ELIA International Conference,

          Lisbon, Portugal, November, 1996

1997   Art & Design Education: The No.1 Priority for Government Investment - INSEA Conference, Glasgow

          UK, July 1997

1998   "The Art of Mentoring", published article in PRODESIGN, August/September 1998,  AGM

           Publishing, Auckland

1998   "Art, What Is It?" published article in Auckland Eye, Auckland Winter Issue

1998   "Is Art Worth It?" published article in auckland Eye, Auckland Spring Issue

1998   Academic Paper "Developments in Contemporary New Zealand Art" Texas Christian University, Forth          

          Worth, USA, College of Fine Arts and Communications.  September 1998

1998   Conference Paper "Cultural Democracy Movements and Internationalisation in the Visual Arts and Design

          in New Zealand "ELIA International Conference.  Helsinki, Finland.  November 1998

1999   The "Issues of Multicultural Art Education in New Zealand", Chapter in published book "Beyond

          Multicultural Art education:  International Perspectives. Ed. By Doug Boughton and Rachel Mason.

          Published by Waxmann. NY. ISBN3-89325-783-7 p. 213-229

1999   "Community Art Centres within New Zealand"  Paper presented at New Zealand Educational

          Administration Society Conference at the University of Auckland January 1999

1999   "Global Arts Beyond 2000" Conference Paper. Aotearoa New Zealand Art Educators Association

          Christchurch, New Zealand

1999   "Global Arts Beyond 2000" Conference Paper,  Aotearoa New Zealand Art Educators Association

          Christchurch, New Zealand

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1999   'Kick-starting a design career - ProDesign 1999 Supplement August/September.  Section on Design

           Education in 2000

2000   'Making Art Education a Priority' PRODESIGN February March 2000 Designlogue Journal Article.

2000   "Heart of the Nation" submission prepared for the Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage, under the 

           auspices as President of the Designers'Institute of New Zealand

Artistic Career

Greg's Artistic Career

 1975   Hansells NZ Sculpture Award - Finalists, Masterton, NZ

1976   NZ Universities Exhibition - Bett Duncan Gallery, Wellington, NZ

1976   2nd Benson & Hedges (29 painters) - Barrington Gallery auckland, NZ

1977   Easter 3-Man invitation - Hastings Cultural Centre Hastings, NZ

1977   NZ Flora & Fauna Exhibition - Auckland, NZ

1978   Group Show - Dowse Gallery - Gisborne NZ

1978   Two Man Show - Gallery 2 - Auckland, NZ

1979   Two Man Show - Thornton Gallery - Hamilton, NZ

1979   Two Man Show - Harrison Gallery - Tauranga, NZ

1979   Invited Northland touring exhibitions

1980   Two Man Show - Etchings - Galerie la Mezzanine - Auckland, NZ

1980   Two Man Show - Thornton Gallery - Hamilton, NZ

1980   Invited Artists, auckland Contemporary - John Leech - Auckland, NZ

1981   Invited Artists - Graphics ASA, Auckland, NZ

1981   Body Language Invited Group - Auckland Art Exchange, Auckland, NZ

1981   Two Man Show - Whangarei Society of Arts

1982   "Political Statements" - ASA, Auckland, NZ

1982   Group show Molesworth Gallery, wellington

1983   Figurative Painting, Duke of Wellington Gallery, Sydney, Australia

1983   Group Show, Harrison Gallery, Tauranga

1984   Group show, Whitecliffe Galleries

1985   Figurative Art Works, Whitecliffe Galleries

1985   Printmakers, Whitecliffe Galleries

1986   Landscape Painters, Whitecliffe Galleries

1986   Figurative Printers, Parnham Gallery, Hamilton

1987   Figurative Painters, Parnham Gllery, Hamilton

1987   Monoprints Whitecliffe Galleries

1988   Figurative Drawings, Whitecliffe Galleries

1989   Printmakers, Whitecliffe Galleries

1989   Stage Door Cafe Gallery,Auckland

1990   Ross Gallery, Wellington

1990   Parnham Gallery, Hamilton

1991   Nude Exhibitions Whitecliffe Galleries

1991   Ross Gallery, Wellington

1992   Ross Gallery, Wellington

1993   Aotea Centre, Auckland Invited Artists for the Japan Week Exhibition

1997   "Romance of the Mark" - Invited Artist for the Uxbridge Gallery Exhibition, Howick


Brett Duncan Gallery (Wellington) 1976

Star Gallery (Hamilton) 1976

Thackeray Gallery (San Diego, USA) 1977

Auckland Society of Arts (Auckland) 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981

Gallery 2 (Auckland) 1977

Grayson Gallery (Auckland) 1979

Lewis-Paape Gallery (Wellington) 1980

G.D. Harrison Gallery (Tauranga) 1979, 1980, 1981

Dowse Gallery (Gisborne) 1980, 1981

Anthony's Gallery (Palmerston North) 1981

Galerie la Mezzanine (Auckland 1979

Bay Art Gallery (Auckland) 1981

Molesworth Gallery (Wellington) 1982 

Canterbury Society of Arts Gallery, Christchurch 1982

Duke of Wellington Gallery, sydney, Australia 1982

Gisborne Museum and Arts Centre, Gisborne 1982

G.D Harrison Gallery, Tauranga 1983

Molesworth Gallery, Wellington 1983

Parnham Gallery, Hamilton 1983

G.D. Harrison Gallery, Tauranga 1984

Molesworth Gallery, Wellington 1984

Wairarapa Arts Centre, Masterton 1985

Whitecliffe Galleries, Auckland 1985

Molesworth Gallery, Wellington 1985

G.D. Harrison Gallery, Tauranga 1985

Parnham Gallery, Hamilton 1985

Whitecliffe Galleries, Auckland 1986

Hastings City Art Centre, Hastings 1986

G.D. Harrison Gallery, Tauranga, 1986

Whitecliffe Galleries, Auckland 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991

Ross Gallery, Wellington 1991

Montclair State university Museum, New Jersey USA  1996

J.M. Moody Museum Gallery, Texas Christian University Art Gallery, Fort Worth, Texas, USA 1996

Grand Forks Fine Art Museum, Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA 1997

Rourke Art Gallery Museum, Morehead, Minnesota, USA 1999


1976 -  QUEEN ELIZABETH II ARTS COUNCIL AWARD for travelling and study in the United Kingdom & Central Europe
1978 - ASA CARNEGIE SCHOLARSHIP for travel study in North America
1978 - JAPANESE GOVERNMENT  "Monobusho" Scholarship for Post Graduate study in Japan
1980 - ASA Carnegie Scholarship for travel study in Central Europe and North America


1976    United Kingdom, Central Europe, including Royal Academy Ecole des Beaux Arts, Budapest Fine Arts Academy,

           Slade School of Art

1977    North America: including UCLA, Art Center Pasadena, Mexico, universities in North America, including Arizona,

           Utah and California

1978    Australia, United States, South East Asia

1979    United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Central Europe, Middle East North Africa and Eastern States USA, Asia

1980    United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Central Europe, Australia and Central Pacific

1981    Scandinavia, Central Europe, USA, Central America

1982    Central Pacific Asia and Australia

1983    Australian Universities and Colleges of Art

1991    USA

1992    USA, Hong Kong (Universities and Colleges of Art and Design

1993    Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and USA (Conferences and Academic Papers/Research)

1994    USA, United Kingdom, France, Australia

1995    USA, Canada, Australia

1996    USA, Australia, Portugal, Fiji

1997    United Kingdom, Italy, USA, Uruguay, Argentina, Australia

1998    USA, Finland, Switzerland, Norway, Australia 

1999    USA, Australia

2000    USA


Landscapes Yield To Bean Cans

The Exhibition by Greg Whitecliffe at Galeria La Mezzanine at the top of Parnell Road Shows him exploring new subject matter.

He has left his usual tidy landscape subjects and character studies in favour of after studies in favour of painting drops of water, cans of beans and pies.

New subject matter or not, most of the objects are still reported in his textured painterly manner and brown subdued tones.

Where the painter departs both from his usual subjects and his usual style he achieves some fine things.  "Drops on Green", which places three drops of water delicately on a green background, gains from smooth surface as does "Droplets" pm brown.

The other works are mostly conventional still lives with a hint of the Pop idim with out the hold glitter and size that the genre demands.  Even the speech balloon on the otherwise excellent self portrait is a very self-confident addition.

Though some of the new works are successful the painters heart really seems back with his neat character studies like  "The morning Newspaper" and "The Plastic Bag".

12th December T.J. McNamara on ART

"Another gush of talent without direction is "A Virtuoso in Energy" by Greg Whitecliffe at the Society of Arts Gallery.

This is a great mass of more than a 120 figure studies.  All the figures are in movement - straining, leaping, heaving.  They are all like studies for a great divine comedy that has yet to be painted.  the best things are the oils which are the culmination of the studies; works like strongly modelled "Woman Asleep" or the tightly bunched figure in "Weeping".


Most of the rest of the figures strain and strut in an undefined space.  Their musculature is careful and convincing except for the articulation of muscle and tendon under the chin.

The show is at once energetic and sometimes sweetly erotic.  But is a great wave of creativity that peers out across a wide beach in a never-never land.